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Alzheimer’s Disease

Without volunteers for clinical trials, improved treatments, including a cure for Alzheimer’s disease can never become a reality. If you are a healthy older adult with normal memory, this could be the right time for you to join the fight to prevent the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.



The ultimate goal of migraine research is the relief of all migraine episodes. Today it is possible for this to be accomplished in a small percentage of people and ultimately we hope to vastly improve the percentage over the next several years.


Multiple Sclerosis

The understanding of multiple sclerosis has expanded dramatically even over the past several years. With improved understanding of how MS progresses, we can better address research targets to prevent this disease and ultimately prevent disability. Multiple Sclerosis Research has advanced significantly with the availability of new oral treatments over the past few years.


Parkinson’s Disease

The treatment of motor and non motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease has come a long way since the development of Levodopa. We are forever trying to find better treatments and ultimately a cure. Volunteers for Clinical Trials will help us achieve this goal and help future generations to come.


Our Doctors

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