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When you have the right medicine available that can stop your headaches and relieve symptoms within one to two hours, then it will be easier for you to stop worrying about your next headache. Today, this is possible for most of us.

First, let’s discuss how to identify the medicine that will work best for you. Generally, migraine-specific medication, like one of the triptans, will turn out to be the right choice as a first line medication (the medicine you take at the first sign of a headache).

Second, what is the best way to take your medication? To get the relief you need, it can be taken by mouth (either standard tablet or a melt tablet), nasal, or subcutaneous (under the skin). Subcutaneous, which is the quickest way to get rid of your migraine symptoms, comes in either needle or needleless technology. This method often proves to be an excellent choice if you wake up with a severe headache or if you experience severe nausea or vomiting shortly after your headache begins. Using a nasal spray can result in a similarly effective but often slightly slower response to relief of migraine symptoms, compared to the subcutaneous route. Clearly, most of us prefer taking our medication in tablet form, which will often work very well – provided that your headache has a gradual onset. Taking your pill early in the onset of your headache (when the pain is mild and symptoms are just starting) will often provide more effective relief.


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